Thursday, August 25, 2016

MomTrends Back to School

So Summer is in full swing and boom you hear Back to School like really!!! I’m sure your like me and aren’t ready yet. But its never to early to get the kids stuff together so you can beat that late August rush. Well couple of weeks ago i was graciously invited to a fabulous Back to School event with Mom Trends . What a great assortment of brands and goodies to make any kids back to school perfect. But my top picks are mostdefinitely
1) Wall Pops Art: what a great funky way to put up stickers and the best part is once your done just move them around elsewhere how cool. They even have some that you can write on. Visit there site for all the different types of beautiful wall art  and especially the sales.(who doesn’t like a great sale!) 

2) Nalgene lunch box buddies and water bottles are perfect. These lunch boxes are so cute and unlike traditional bento style boxes you can move around the compartments as you wish and it also keeps lunch cool. The waters bottles are cool in design and  sturdiness . I know what i munchkins will be taking in their backpack this back to school. Check them out for additional products. 

3) Keen Footwear are the cutest most stylish shoes especially for my little fashionistas. What little fashionista wouldn’t like such a cute shoe, or any tough boy love there super cute booties. These will definitely be a hit in the school yards this year. What i love about the shoe its looks comfy and stylish and can stand some rough playing in the park. As a mother of 3 girls who are rough on their shoes I’m always on the hunt for shoes that will last longer than the first wear. check out   for their wide selection of not only kid shoes but something for the whole family.

4) Chewbeads – I  absolutely  love this brand and the concept i wish there where around when my Hailey was little she was a little biter she would even chew on her very pretty and expensive Gold chain we got her for christmas one year.(long story) had to get it replaced. but if we had them back then it was have saved a lot of her pretty jewelry and now almost 8 yrs old she loves the chewbeads.100% Silicone jewelry for mommy and safe for babies/toddlers to touch ,chew and even safely tug.

5) Mabels Labels is always the primer go to for labels for any season esp back to school. Whether its for labeling books,lunch,clothing. Mables labels are always a great choice. And now Mables are expanding with not only making sure or personal belongings don’t get lost ,but making sure we hold on to all our kids precious  school memories. Sure my kids bring tons of things home for us to keep and it ends up in box or corner somewhere. With “MY SCHOOL YEARS” you can preserve your kids memories for years to come safely in one book. My School Years Book is an excellent keepsake of your child’s school years – from preschool to 12th grade! With oversized pockets and 34 pages, it’s the perfect place to keep everything from class photos to artwork and reports. No more bits and pieces placed anywhere and everywhere – keep it all in just one spot and look back on it for years to come. This is a great gift for children’s birthdays, their first day of school and for parents, too! $37.99 check their site for what Mabels Labels has in store.
6) And last but mostly certainly my all time favorite product even before this #BTS. Vamousse Lice Products has to be my all time favorite lice prevention and lice removal. So a little story when Hailey was in Kindergarten 2 years ago she caught a bad case of lice and we couldn’t remove it with several other treatments. I had to ultimately cut most of her hair and the lice still came back. One day while very frustrated in Walmart i was looking through the lice prevention and came across the Vamoose though a little pricey i said what the heck and gave a try . It worked the first time around and ever since I’m a believer and have 2 boxes on deck just in case( i hope not!!) they ever get it again. I strongly recommend having a box or two for your school aged children home, or for yourself mommies and daddies can get it too they don’t discriminate.
What makes Vamousse a great choice for parents?
Clinically proven to kill lice AND their eggs in 1 treatment 2
Effective against pesticide-resistant super lice 3
Safe, non-toxic and pesticide free
Safe for children 2 years and older
No prescription needed, available over-the-counter
A mousse product, allowing quick and precise application to make the process easier, especially when treating children
Rinses out easily
Comes with a professional steel comb
Vamousse Lice Treatment is available without a prescription and over the counter nationwide in retail pharmacies and online.

Overall from the bottom of our hearts we wish everyone a safe healthy productive school year !! To all the parents out there God speed to you all . May all homework be short and understandable!! Thank you Momtrends again!
Mayra is owner and creator of She’s a dedicated mom and writes about the family life style. Join her and her crazy family on twitter,IG,youtube and SC- handle Mrzmomof3.

Friday, July 1, 2016


Mayra is owner and creator of She’s a dedicated mom and writes about the family life style. Join her and her crazy family on twitter,IG,youtube and SC- handle Mrzmomof3.

So ever since my oldest was a baby i always wanted to take her to AmericanGirl. Last week i had the opportunity to take all three of my beautiful daughters to the 5th ave store. We were so welcomed by the ever so fantastic MomTrends and the delightful AmericanGirl staff. We enjoyed a beautiful morning.

We where honored to have Q&A with the wonderful Valerie Tripp. She was so nice to answer all of Alyssa’s and Hailey’s questions. Mrs.Tripp has written all the books for AmericanGirl since the very beginning in Madison,Wisconsin. She loves writing stories for little girls to open a world of fairy tales and adventures. She now embarks in her new adventure of creating new stories for every little girls can create there own with the brand new WellieWishers. My Hailey now hopes to use her imagination to be as good as a writer as Mrs.Tripp.

The WellieWishers are a group of 5 best friends. There is Willa, Ashlyn, Emerson, Kendall and Camille. Together they are a group of loving girls who each have the same big, bright wish, to be good friends. When the WellieWishers step into their colorful garden boots,also known as wellies, they are ready for anything-stomping puddles,putting on show, and helping friendships grow. Like all little girls should grow up they are learning being kind and creative and caring isn’t easy(sure isn’t ),but its the best way  to make friendships bloom. My daughters and I absolutely love the concept. Especially in the world they are growing up in,its so nice to know they can still use there imagination and meanwhile still learning being kind and generous is always a great quality.

These dolls are smaller than the traditional 18’AG dolls. Also unlike the traditional dolls the price point is less expensive and more affordable at $60 and the books are fairly priced at 5.99. For me thats always important ,price can make or break our buying experience having 3 kids, it becomes difficult sometimes to afford new toys. These dolls are beautifully made and stand for something a little more than just a doll. In my opinion it shows the kids playing with them that there’s no rush to grow up. Enjoy your imagination and always be creative and most of all happy .It encourages little girls to stand tall,reach high,and dream big. AmericanGirl prides themselves with helping girls becoming their very best today ,so they’ll grow up to be a women who make a difference tomorrow.

Check out your local AmericanGirl store or visit there website.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

It seems like it's baby season whenever I check out my Facebook feed! It's totally cool - I love being a mom of three and if I didn't have to carry them I'd have a lot more babies of my own! Well I guess the fact that my husband says we're done put's a constant wrench in my plans.  Anyway, I wanted to share a few things that I learned when I became a new mother with you guys. You can take or leave the advice - it's up to you. Either way I hope that you get a good laugh at my ignorance in my early parenting days! 

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

MEET MY NEWBORN COLBY | The411Mommas (MommyTipsByCole)

Nicole (MommyTipsByCole) introduces us to the newest member of #411kids ...her 4th child Colby! Send us your newborn/infant video requests!
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

BEST OF 2015: MOMMY & KIDS | The411Mommas

All of our Mommas share their ultimate fave mommy and kids item in 2015 in collaboration with a few other You Tube Moms linked below! Be sure to take notes of these products to try in 2016 and check out the other videos as well! -The411Mommas

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Diastasis Recti? (Kathy)

Hey mommas! Ever heard of this term? It has come and gone in my life, and recently resurfaced. Indeed, I do have it. At the end of the video, you will see how you're able to check if you suffer with this condition as well. Diastasis Recti is the separation of our abdominal muscles, most commonly due to pregnancy. Please watch the video for more info.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Easy Citrus Chicken #CookWithUs

Easy recipe for citrus chicken up on the channel today!! Switch up your dinner tonight :):)

Recipe obtained from Pinterest and adapted from:
"The comfort of cooking"

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

3 Easy Hairstyles for girls that are dad approved too! #BeautyWithUs

3 Easy to re-create hairstyles for girls that are dad approved too! I do these on my preschoolers hair all the time when I need to get out the door but want her to look cute! (How to steps are listed below for those who need more of a narration)

#1 Space Buns
- Start With parting down the middle, secure with rubber bands. Twist and twirl into bun shapes and secure with bobby pins.

#2 Twisties
- Part a chunk of hair at the top and secure with a rubber band. Twist the secured hair and add another rubber band at the ends. Repeat to the bottom half and smooth down baby hairs.

#3 Two Braids
- Part down the middle and underhand braid to get a more raised braid. Secure with a rubber band and add a smoothing gel to tame fly-aways.

Tools needed:
Ouch-less Rubber Bands
Detangling Spray
Comb /brush
Bobby pins

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